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DLP Projector

DLP Smart Pico Projector powerd by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DMD,and complete Android OS, CPU, GUP, Wifi, Bluetooth, Memory, Battery, Speaker and Support HDMI, USB, TF Card, Audio Out varied O/I.

LCD Projector

LCD Projector applied LCD Display Technology and LED Light Source, life time up to 30,000 hours, provide a wide range configure items for you choice. Basic Projector, Mobile phone Mirror Screen, and Smart Android Version optional.

3D Hologram AD Projection

The Traffic very important and cost expensive, a new way advertising machine that’s attractive and novel, help you to draw people to gaze at your brands, shops and products.


We do projector for home and individual

Forget the huge, heavy and expensive office projectors, the portable and smart projector coming, it’s a home theatre, it’s a non-screen TV, it’s a big screen game console, it’s your computer, game console  and mobile phone IMAX, it’s more than a projection.

3D Hologram AD Projection

A new way of advertising, 3D hologram videos, pictures, texts, and update easily.

The Traffic very important and cost expensive, invest a little on the 3D Hologram Projection, help you to draw people to gaze at your brands, shops and products every day and 360 days.

It’s smart invest!


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